Becoming a Member

As a Niagara Ontario Ancestors member, you:

  • the opportunity to submit queries to the newsletter
  • place your research on our Lincoln/Welland Counties Families Website.
  • access to a members-only page.
  • an opportunity to contact the local branch for meetings, local research help and an opportunity to meet with those who share the same interest as you.
  • Connect with the branch meetings/events though the current streaming technology.

As well from the Niagara Peninsula Branch Ontario Ancestors provides the following:

  • receive the Ontario Ancestor’s quarterly journal Families, quarterly newsletter Newsleaf and 8 issues/year of e-NewsLeaf.
  • receive flyers describing publications and supplies available for purchase from Ontario Ancestors
  • can submit four family name queries each year to the Name Game – which is published in the quarterly Families
  • have the right to vote at the annual general meeting, the right to hold office and the right to join any branch or branches.
  • receive invitations to regional meetings and the annual Conference for further education in genealogical subjects and social contacts with other genealogists.
  • can participate in genealogical research projects specific to Ontario.
  • get a membership card which can be used as a passport to resources.